Salamanca Place - Waterfront Wonder Of Hobart

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Many old cities and towns of the world still takes pride in an interesting neighbourhood or city quarter where the old places and buildings still stand proud in their old skins in the new urban chaos. One such place is the must-visit waterfront stretch of Hobart interestingly named as Salamanca Place. If you are thinking thats an odd name for a place in a British Colony like Tasmania, you will find that its one of the many fascinating things about this old warehouse district.

The reason for this areas rather out-of-place name is that the place was named such in 1812 to celebrate the victory of the British over the French at the Battle of Salamanca in Spain. Despite the Spanish name, along the wharves of Salamanca Place the distinctively British colonial-style sandstone warehouses of old are now found converted into lively new buildings. These refurbished warehouses are now home to many interesting and visit-worthy art galleries, restaurants, pubs and shops which are crowded with shoppers and visitors from all around. Salamanca Place is bustling with activity even late into the night, so worry not if you are planning to head out for a beer and a breezy walk with a couple of friends.

One of the most interesting places you will find in this neat neighbourhood is the Salamanca Square; a large sheltered public square built fairly recently in the 1990s. Sitting next to a large modern apartment complex, the Salamanca Square is home to many shops and cafes and an underground parking area, where you can tuck your vehicle in and enjoy the place at your pace. Arriving on a Saturday, you can enjoy the activity and the art on show at the Salamanca market; the famous art street market of Salamanca Place. Or if you are in a mood to explore, follow the path of Kellys Steps to the maritime village of Battery Point, and enjoy its glorious old architecture and seaside scenery.

Being a favourite destination among holidaymakers, there is always accommodation options aplenty in Salamanca Place and its surroundings in the city. Apartment accommodation Hobart style is available anytime of the year to suit your travel needs as there are many Hobart accommodation apartments which offer spacious cosy dwellings and top class extra facilities, such as the noteworthy apartments of Somerset on Salamanca. For its flexibility and freedom, a serviced apartment is an ideal choice for your stay in Hobart, so that you can enjoy the afternoons and night life of Salamanca Place in your own good time the way you like it, and make your stay in sunny Tasmania a memorable one.
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Salamanca Place - Waterfront Wonder Of Hobart

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This article was published on 2010/12/17