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Canadian teen star Justin Bieber just added a new achievement in his big-year-end list, where this time he managed to make himself as one of the top 10 Twitter Trends of 2010.

Twitter, a social networking site reported that more than 25 billion tweets have been sent this year which was recorded so far. The top tweeted trend was the talk about the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill by BP.

The second place was given to the World Cup, which manage to generate one of the most massive attention span as well as chatter worldwide. The Vuvuzela, which is the buzzing horn like instrument was the unofficial soundtrack to the World Cup event held in South Africa came in fifth place. Lets not forget the octopus who manage to gain fame during this World Cup event, Pulpo Paul where the octopus managed to predict scores for the World Cup perfectly and recently the octopus died. Paul the octopus came in tenth place.

Inception, a mind blowing movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio came in third place followed by the earthquake happened at Haiti which came in fourth.

The Apple iPad manage to grab the sixth spot while the Google Android came in the seventh place.

Justin Bieber who has currently more than 6.3 million follower in his Twitter, came in the eighth place while the movie, "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows" came in the ninth place.

Many of Justin Bieber fans out there were furious sometime earlier this year when his name had stopped appearing on Twitter top 10 Trend list. They said that it was a conspiracy by Twitter against Justin but Twitter gave a feedback mentioned that once a topic had grain popularity over the social networking site, its harder to appear again on the list.

What this trending list does is it identifies topics which have themselves emerged to be more popular than it previously was.
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Justin Bieber On Twitter Trend List

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This article was published on 2010/12/14