Cupcake Decorating Tips

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Holidays, parties, and birthdays all call out for cupcakes. Send a fantastic indulgence to school for your child's birthday, and what could be more special, and easily transportable, than cupcakes? Cupcakes are also an easy delicious treat for a friend's anniversary or birthday. Your teenage son finally figured out a math problem that had him stumped. Maybe a family member found a new career, or ended up selling their house. Cupcakes are a perfect and easy way to celebrate! Wonderful cupcake decorations can be stumbled upon right in your own supermarket.

You can do quite a bit with just some jelly beans. You may be able to find brightly colored and unusual jelly beans in your supermarket. Place some of these on top of your frosted cupcake. Place one in the middle of the cupcake and arrange the others around the center. You've created a flower! Green jelly beans can be used to make a stem. You can use other candies to decorate cupcakes also, such as M&Ms and melty mint candies.

Is a neighbor a football fanatic? Frost your cupcakes with green frosting, and use chocolate covered almonds as footballs.

Coat your chocolate frosted cupcakes with crushed Oreos, and place a gummy worm on top. Kids will love this, and the crushed cookies add a different texture and taste to the cupcakes. Since the crushed cookies will conceal the icing, you don't have to spend a long time icing them.

Small marzipan fruit shapes can often be located in your supermarket. Decorate with the marzipan fruits, and to make it look even better, cover the cupcakes with crushed cookies first. This is a great cupcake decorating idea for someone who loves gardening.

One perfect raspberry can add a sophisticated look to a cupcake. Place sliced almonds in a circular fashion for a distinctive look. Grate some high quality chocolate over the frosted cupcakes for an unusual effect. These options will also enhance the flavor.

There are a variety of sprinkles, edible confetti, and candy shapes that you can use to add a festive air to your cupcakes. Cupcake sprinkles are available in an amazing range of hues. You can also find heart, diamond, and round shapes in edible confetti. An easy and classy decoration would be to use pre-made royal icing blossoms, which are wonderful for weddings, bridal showers, and Mother's Day. Cupcake liners are available in many colors and patterns, from polka dots to gingham to hounds tooth styles.


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Cupcake Decorating Tips

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